Sunday, October 3, 2010

Long time no talk

well it'sbeen a long time since I've posted. Kylie and I are making an awesomesauce haunted house for the cousins. we'll keep you posted on the props we are making and what we've bought for this haunted house. The haunted house will take place on october 15th. We've been working hard on it for 2 months. I am inviting two of my closest friends Kristen and Chelsea. AKA> Kelly and Laurel (we have to trick the kids). Kristen will be doing the music and running around putting extra props in certain rooms and controlling music. Chelsea will be guiding the cousins. Kylie will be the pop out person where she scares the cousins.
The rooms are as named and described and are in order from start to finish:
Bathroom: Mad labs- mad scientist lab
Tice's room: Ghost room- room where someone died AKA> Kylie
Hallway: hall of no return- arrows going every which way telling you to turn around
living room: graveyard #1- turn away signs everywhere fence and body behind the fence.
graveyard #1 1/2- porch- grave stones, and the real part of the graveyard
graveyard #2- the tomb- a tomb area like a pyramid where there are candles and skulls everywhere
kitchen: butcher shop- where people have been cooked for a good meal. There will be bones and fake blood and fake limbs everywhere.
dining room: party room- at the end we will give candy and such to the cousins.
one of the rules is rule #5: This house is under watch at all times therefore if you devour, vandalize, or touch any of these items you will explode immediately. lol!
here are some of the props we have purchased and made so far:
The items we bought
*thank you dollar tree :P
Our Ghost Room

The chandelier/ mobile we made
My infamous coffin
What is inside the coffin

Our lanterns we made for the graveyard
The awesome fence I made for the graveyard

So how do you like it so far?? comment please