Saturday, February 28, 2009

The florida trip!!!

YAY! we can't wait to go to florida!!! We just can't stand it any longer?! Well just to let ya'll know we'll be going to Florida on March 18. YAY!! It's not that far if you think about it. We can't wait to see all the cousins and be able to see Emme get baptized. It's a very good thing for her. Well we will see ya'll soon!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Friday, February 6, 2009

well then!

Ru maybe u should blog more then Sheesh luish!

Hi I'm Bored...

Hi this is Ru (Laurel). I just wanted to say that K-Mac is a BLOGAHOLIC!!! Also my Mamazita is a Pugaholic, and me I'm a bored person so I made this random ppost on -aholics. :)


Um..... Our 6th and 6th was really lame. we didn't even want to show it. It was a bunch of presents from a baby shower so yeah.

Leg warmers are back in the family!

Well The second generation. Actually we don't really know if any of the sirmans did wear leg warmers. Anyways i, Kelly, Went with our mamazita went and got some leg warmers. purkle and greyish-brownish. So fun! No?

Uh Caroline...

Kelly here. I didn't know you had converse! I love converse! i have a pair that have cherries and black flowers. the shoe is white. Anyways I love your blog and we added it to our peepoes.