Friday, January 23, 2009

We are so smart...

Me and Ru have both made the honor role! YAY!! Well I , Kelly, did. apperently Ru's school doesn't have such things. but she is still very smart!

We are so smart


*note: that could be a new song for Ellie! Bah!*

Yesterday while waiting for my hapkido class....

Yesterday while I ,Kelly, was waiting for my hapkido class to start I was sitting there on the hard bench just looking around when I notice this guy talking on the phone. And this guy sounds and looks just like David Archuleta. So i'm sitting there trying to figure out if it's him or not. Then as i'm looking around again I notice he's behind a tree. And i'm thinking, I think he thinks i'm going to chase him or something. So then he starts toward the stairs to go work out and one of the kids ,in Laurel's hapkido class's mom says: Oh my goodness! Your David Archuleta! and it wasn't a, i'm going to chase you tone it was more like, your here! tone. Anyway he just smiles and sluggishly walks away like please don't chase me lady. So then one of the other students calls his wife and tells her that David is there. (They used to be friends with him before he was famous) she comes to the rec center and goes up stairs and peeks. Then she comes back down and says: That's little david! So yeah and after class he was surrounded by girls. I kind of felt bad for him but then I thought: Well that's what comes in the famous package.