Friday, March 21, 2008


Earlier when we were eating dinner Laurel was whining because I, Kelly, do most of the blogging on our blog then my mom joked and said I was a Blogaholic!!! LOL (LOL means:
lots of laughs
lots of lemons and
lots of llamas!!)
My friend Emily and I
made that up!!!


chaffinclan said...

It's better than being a blobaholic, which is what our cousin Amanda called me once. :) lol- Lots of laundry.

kelly said...

lots of laundry that's highlarious and a new one I'll have to tell Emily!!! my mom was telling me about blobaholic!!! LOL lots of lemons!

natalie said...

Who's got lots of Llama's? Tell me! Llamas are de best!

Grandma Gerri said...

This made me lol (Laugh Out Loud)